Meeting the Godfather (Scottish winter climbing)

Article published on UK climbing about an attempt to repeat “The Godfather” (VIII, 8) on Beinn Bh…


Island Dreams (Running)

First published in Fellrunner magazine, autumn 2008. This article can be found in a PDF <a href=...


Passing the baton (Scottish winter climbing)

I think back over my development as a climber and wonder how I came to be here, seven pitches…


Running In Heaven (Running)

Article by Colin Wells about my Cuillin ridge run, originally published in the Sunday Herald. ...


The longest winter route ever (Alpine climbing)

An account of a christmas spent in Chamonix early in my climbing career. Unpublished.



Kyzyl Asker obsession (Greater ranges climbing)

Previously published in Scottish Mountaineer, February 2006.

“You try this face, alpine st…


Eco climbing (Alpine climbing)

Previously published in Climb magazine, August 2006. My knowledge has moved on a lot since I wro…


The Teacher (Running)

I wrote this article after spending the summer of 2004 in Kyrgyzstan. It marked a return for me …